Mission Statement

To deliver our quality dance program to schools and related mediums through our experienced and talented instructors. Creative Dance Industries educate students in all aspects of dance, fostering an appreciation of its many forms and cultures in alignment with the ACARA outcome statements. We regard Dance as a vehicle to encourage each and every child to be upstanding and confident students of today; leaders of tomorrow.

Michelle Hood

Michelle’s passion for dance emerged when she attended ballet class at the age of six. Lured by the culture, creativity and music, dance was to facilitate discipline in all areas of her life. Michelle performed in key roles in many ballets across the country including Giselle and Swan Lake at the Canberra Theatre. Graduating from the Australian Ballet School she danced with the St. Gallen Ballet Company in Switzerland for 3 years. After returning to Australia, Michelle’s love for dance culminated in teaching ballroom dancing in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

As a mother of four beautiful and talented children, Michelle realised her dream of sharing her passion for dance.

In 2005, Creative Dance Industries was born from an idea of imparting her knowledge through Christian principles to students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Michelle believes that dance is an integral part of students’ lives liberating them to express themselves to music and in turn better understand the cultural diversities in the world in which we live.

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Eric Morales

From infancy, Eric and his family had music running through their veins. Music and dance formed part of the Morales household. From the age of 7, a true passion, inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson ignited a will to perform. A few years later, Eric embraced many different dance styles, however Hip-Hop was to be his calling. Eric attended The Academy, where he’d perfect the foundations of dance, privileged to work and learn from a few big name Choreographers.

Eric’s passion for dance and music led him to share and impart his knowledge to others. Eric is honoured yet humbled to be in a position to teach his skills, and is thrilled to see students participate in dance, reach their goals and simply have a great time learning.

Amanda Hartley

Amanda has always had a love of dance and performing. From the age of 4 she learned rhythmic gymnastics and ballet, having her first dance recital when she was in prep, filled with excitement and covered in glitter and hairspray. When she wasn't practicing for the stage she was coercing relatives and friends to learn her impromptu dance routines to perform shows for her family and even classmates at school. Amanda still remembers dressing her little brother and friends up as lions to dance to Lion King. Fast-forward to high school and university where Amanda learned competition level Latin and Ballroom dance and taught hip-hop classes at university to help fund her Bachelors degree.

After graduating, Amanda found herself in a challenging and exciting role working as an Area Manager for an education company, teaching children to strive to reach their own potential while fostering a love of learning. She loved working with children everyday and delighted in seeing them set and meet their own goals, but she sorely missed dancing.

In May of 2010 Amanda started work with AusDance for Schools, now Creative Dance Industries, and her dream came true! Not only could she dance every day, but she could nurture the love of dance and performance in others. Now, many years later Amanda is still grateful to be a part of Creative Dance Industries, and always excited to meet new children and share her passion for dance. Her favourite thing is to see children's faces light up when they dance for an audience, proud of their achievements and keen to show off having discovered a new sense of confidence, as teachers and parents alike watch in awe and amazement. What could be better?

Elizabeth Barredo

Liz began her journey with dance at the age of 7. She started off performing hip-hop and traditional dances with the Filipino Traditional Dance Group and took part in special events performing for Cultural Nights, Fund Raisers, Fairs and community events.

At the age of 14 she joined the Performing Arts Production group of Hope Church Brisbane that performed for conventions and community events. Through her commitment to the production team, she progressed on as a choreographer and began teaching and coordinating for the performing arts. With the team of dancers they developed Ground Breakaz Dance Crew holding performances and workshops for the community. She is now currently involved in training, equipping and mentoring young aspiring dancers.

After graduating high school in 2006 she went on to study dance full time at the Australian Dance Performance Institute (ADPI). There she developed her technique and knowledge in ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz, musical theatre, singing and acting.

Liz started working with AusDance For Schools in April 2012 teaching at different primary schools across Brisbane, enjoying every moment of giving others the opportunity to dance.

Beth Gerbino

Beth joined the Creative Dance Industries team in August of 2010. She has worked with children from prep through to year 12 across many different styles of Dance in this time. She loves to see students perform their dances at Disco’s, Fete’s, and Cultural and Christmas concerts as well as for their parents or peers at Active School Communities after School Care and Vacation Care programs. She loves teaching the students different styles of dance but loves even more to help them choreograph their own routines.

Since returning from 3 years in China she has worked as a dance teacher and children’s entertainer and performed in Blue Fish Theatricals production of Spamalot and choreographed Jekyl and Hyde and Guys and Dolls.

In Shanghai, China Beth worked for the international dance company, Jazz du Funk as a choreographer/dancer and dance teacher. She taught children and adult classes in Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Cabaret, Tap and Ballet. She performed throughout China for events including China’s Next Top Model, Esquire Man of the Year Awards, the Beyonce after party, and for companies including Porsche, Lancôme, Ferrari and Dior.Whilst in Shanghai, Beth acted in various Films including, Children of the Silk Road and the mini-series The Iron Road; as well as countless TV commercials. She did a number of stage and theatre performances including the headlining play Impromptu at Shanghai’s first Fringe Festival.

Before moving to China, Beth studied musical theatre in Sydney at Brent Street School of Performing Arts. She danced in Dein Perry’s film Bootmen as well as the Opening of Fox Studios and the Bee Gee’s concert. Other film and TV credits include Garage Days, Aussie Home Loans, Cleo Swimsuit edition and Lucky Lotteries.

Whilst in Brisbane, Beth played the character Mona in By Burning Iron at the Metro Arts. She also worked as an entertainer and dancer on the Gold Coast at Warner Bros Movie World and Dreamworld.

Samantha Price

Samantha began her dancing journey at the age of 4 attending ballet classes. Her passion for dance increased at 11 years old when she was invited to join Higher Ground Dance Ministries. It was here that her dance technique was refined, choreography ability empowered and she was introduced to other dance styles including Latin, Ballroom, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. The team would perform in productions, culture nights and local churches.

Samantha came on board with Creative Dance Industries and began teaching at after school cares and vacation cares when she was 16 years old. It was challenging, especially in the last few years of high school, but to see the smiles on children’s faces during dance classes made it all worthwhile.

Since graduating in 2013, Samantha has undertaken an internship at Youth for Christ and has combined her passion for dance with young people by birthing Ascension Dance for young people between the ages of 12-20. Samantha believes that everyone was created with the ability to dance and has a desire to use dance to empower and inspire the younger generation, particularly at-risk teenagers.

Julian Lopez

Julian discovered his passion for dance after being inspired by a video of people break dancing. Since then, Julian has enjoyed learning all that he can about breakdance. He loves the freedom and self-confidence he receives from learning and perfecting the art.

What started as an interest grew into a fiery passion when he met and joined, Groundbreakaz Crew and through them he also discovered other styles of dance. Now he enjoys many genres from hip hop and popping to contemporary dance and ballet. Julian is blessed to be able to perform with his crew at numerous community events and concerts. As well as practising and performing Julian enjoys teaching others. Julian has led breakdance workshops for Hip Hop events and he regularly teaches dance in his local community.

Julian finds great joy in sharing the many benefits dance offers him. To see youth grow in confidence and to discover that they have so much more potential than they initially think spurs Julian to greater heights.

Ebony Curnette

Ebony has been dancing since she was 6 years old. Her expertise ranges from Hip Hop to Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Aerobics, Contemporary, Musical theatre and Ballroom Styles. She trained for sports aerobics at both a National and International level, achieving consecutive gold, silver and bronze medals in National events, and competing in FISAF World championships events in Russia, New Zealand and Australia. She has been part of world level Hip Hop teams for IndustrieOne Studios, D.L.D.C and Triple Threat Studios. Since competing she has been an MC for some FISAF Australia events!

Ebony has taught all forms of dance to children from 2 years of age through to adults. She has been assistant Director for two musicals at Triple Threat Studios. She also currently trains her competition crew “Providential” for various Hip Hop competitions/performances, and conducts her own lessons for singing and dancing.

Ebony has successfully attained a Diploma of Musical Theatre and performing arts. Through this she has been involved in many Televised Shows, musicals and corporate performances.

Ebony has a love and passion for dance and all aspects of performing arts and it is her Joy to share that passion in any way she can!

What We Do

Creative Dance Industries provides a comprehensive, curriculum based dance program designed to engage and educate students from preschool through to year 12. Our dance classes encourage students to express themselves through movement to music and, intern, gain an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversities whilst having fun. Students practise skills in relation to composing, appreciating and performing a range of dance styles in a positive vibrant atmosphere. Provided with the program, the CDI Assessment Tool enables teachers to record students’ development and to report on their achievements.

Creative Dance Industries vision is to appreciate the past, achieve in the present and create the future. To ensure full benefit of our experience by all, we deliver our program in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner, as our students embrace and appreciate these diversities. Inspirational, empowering and educational are key elements in our outcomes.


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